Exotic Pet Care

Special Care for your Exotic Pets

We are extremely proud of our Veterinary Surgeon Claire who has developed a keen interest in seeing exotic animals, as well as your beloved dogs and cats. We have invested in extensive specialist training and equipment so that we are now able to cater for all – so if your pet has fur, scales or feathers we’d love to care for them!

Claire is currently also working towards a GP Certificate in Exotic Animal Medicine and we are delighted to be welcoming more and more of your unusual friends every day. We have a dedicated Exotics Ward, with vivarium’s and facilities where we can house reptiles, birds and small furies away from our kennel and cattery areas. If you would like to receive husbandry advice on diet, housing or how to keep your exotic pet in peak condition, you can call and book a free nurse appointment and bring them along to the surgery for a visit we’d love to see you.

If you are the proud owner of an exotic pet and you need special attention contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.