Parasite Control


Fleas are a very common pest which can be difficult to tackle once a population is established in your home. Therefore, it is important to prevent them through a regular regime of treatment.

These treatments will stop fleas biting your pet in the first place – vital for their welfare as a flea bite can cause your animal an uncomfortable allergic reaction.


Worms also cause misery for your dog or cat with heavy infestations often resulting in digestive problems for the animal.

It is also worth remembering that roundworms pose a risk to the health of humans, especially children. It is therefore necessary that dogs and cats are wormed every three months. Our message is to nip the problem in the bud with preventative treatment.


To keep your pet on top form and to avoid the discomfort and possible health problems associated with parasites, come to the surgery and we will give you the best advice on which product to use on your cat or dog.

We will also advise on appropriate treatments for other small animals including rabbits.