Pet Health Plan

The Pet Health Plan designed to help you provide the high level of care you want for your pet, whilst providing peace of mind for you that your veterinary care costs are spread throughout the year.

  Our plans for Dogs & Cats from £17.00 per month (from 16th October 2023)

As a member of our Pet Health Plan, your dog or cat will receive:

  • Essential annual vaccination with a full health check.
  • 50% off primary vaccination course (with initial vaccinations typically given between two and four weeks apart).
  • 25% off kennel cough vaccination.
  • 25% off rabies vaccination.
  • Flea treatments (sufficient for a year), dispensed quarterly.
  • Worm treatments (sufficient for a year), dispensed quarterly.
  • Six-monthly health check with your vet.
  • Selected complimentary nurse clinics (where available).
  • £10 microchipping.
  • 10% off food.
  • 10% off routine neutering.
  • 10% off dental procedures.
  • 10% off other parasite treatments.
Our plans for Rabbits just £11.99 per month (from 16th October 2023)

As a member of our Pet Health Plan, your rabbit will receive:

1) Essential annual vaccination with a full health check
2) 6 monthly health check with a vet

You’ll also receive the following (if applicable) 

25% off flystrike preventative treatment
50% off Primary vaccination
Free nurse clinics (where available)**
£10 microchipping
10% off food
10% off routine neutering
10% off dental procedures
10% off parasite treatments

*Tailored to your pets needs

**Please ask for details


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From just £11.99 per month


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