We recommend all pets are neutered. Statistically, neutered pets live longer due to the lower risk to catching diseases like cancer or fatal infections.

Tom cats are usually castrated from five months old. This helps minimise urine marking, roaming and fighting with other cats.

Female cats are usually spayed from five months old. This prevents any unwanted litters of kittens, while removing the risk of diseases of the ovaries or uterus later in life.

Male dogs can be castrated from five months old. This helps reduce the risk of roaming, prostate disease, perineal hernias and anal problems. It eliminates the risk of testicular cancer as the testicles are both removed. Neutering also improves the overall behaviour of you dog, making them calmer and less aggressive with other dogs, especially with males.

Female dogs can be spayed from five months old, either before or after the first season.

If neutering is done before the first season it reduces the risk of getting mammary (breast) cancers later in life. It also removes the risk of pyometra – a potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus – usually seen in older dogs.

Neutering can also help you to save money by preventing the unnecessary costs of unplanned pregnancies and raising puppies. It also reduces large vet bills associated with certain illnesses.